On Demand Webinar:
Who "owns" the patient relationship?


We all understand that relationship-based care is quickly becoming the new normal. Marketing extends great effort to attract and retain patients to a health system or clinically integrated network (i.e. ACO). However, once a patient arrives to the healthcare setting, many healthcare marketers hit a “clinical wall” that blocks them from further communications and engagement with that customer. Why is this? And, is this a good philosophy or are there alternatives?

This webinar will address these questions and explore the concept of where ownership belongs between “consumer” and “patient” and how marketing and providers can better interact and exchange information to improve both the consumer and patient experience.

Register now to learn:

  • How to deliver intelligent messages that enhance experience and satisfaction
  • Must use tactics and best practices employed by marketers outside of healthcare
  • Why the move to value-based care has changed the importance of and perspectives on the “clinical wall”
  • Strategies to work within the confines of the wall