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Unlocking the Power of Customer Lifetime Value for Healthcare


Understanding customer lifetime value is key to shaping strategy, business development, and marketing decisions, such as growth targets, budgets, and plans to drive growth and retention. But calculating lifetime value is complicated and varies by life stage. Master the customer lifetime value metric and understand how it reframes the conversation about how you invest in finding, guiding, and keeping customers at each stage of their journey.

Geisinger and Penn Medicine have embarked on the journey to understand the impact of Customer Lifetime Value. Learn how they are tackling this question. Take home actionable benchmarks and best practices to identify the value levers that drive intended results, by line of business and by major customer segment.

Attendees will also hear:

  • Considerations for calculating LTV, including life stage, fixed v variable costs, individual v household, etc
  • Advice for deploying LTV in planning exercises
  • Tips for socializing and gaining internal alignment around the LTV
  • Ideas operationalizing LTV to drive patient engagement and retention