On Demand Webinar:
On-the-Fly Personalized Experiences:
How Penn Medicine Transformed the Call Center Experience


The customer experience encompasses all interactions within their healthcare journey and starts well before walking through the doors of a hospital. The experience starts at the call center, the very first touch point with a customer. Yet, this phone call is often an overlooked and undervalued step in the patient journey.

To effectively use the call center to improve the patient experience, a partnership between marketing and operations must be formed to follow the patient journey so that on-the-fly, personalized interactions can be provided. With the actionable intelligence that an HCRM-enabled call center provides, call center agents will have all the necessary information to make them a critical piece of strategic high-touch communications.

Penn Medicine bridged the gap between marketing and operations to optimize the call center experience. During this webinar, Tanya Andreadis, Associate Chief Marketing Officer at Penn Medicine will walk through their journey to transform their call center into a customer engagement engine.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to provide call center agents deeper insights on why the patient is calling before the call is connected
  • Best practices for transforming the call center to a customer engagement machine
  • The value of pairing you call center with CRM technology
  • Lessons learned from a partnership between marketing and operations that works towards improved patient experience through