On Demand Webinar:
The Next Generation of Healthcare CRM:
How to Improve Patient Engagement & Population Health Management while Proving ROI


As health systems struggle to adapt to the increasingly consumer-led landscape, they must remain nimble and proactively address a variety of market challenges to stay competitive in their market. The next generation Healthcare CRM (HCRM) not only serves as the foundation to improve patient engagement and retention, but can also be a catalyst for population health management while providing insights into how to improve the quality of care while reducing costs.

Watch the presentation to learn how to:

  • Engage patient populations with an effective HCRM implementation
  • Gain insight from demographic, clinical, financial, and behavioral data to better understand and engage patients
  • Create trackable, targeted, timely communications plans that build patient loyalty and improve upon their services
  • Identify and communicate with consumers and patients through multiple touch points
  • Measure the revenue impacts of engagement efforts