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Marketing and the Call Center: Orchestrating a Harmonized Customer Experience


The healthcare call center is the front door to customer experience. When a consumer Googles “docs near me” or receives a targeted ad, regardless of channel, many will call rather than fill out a web form—making the agent a critical touchpoint in the consumer acquisition and retention journey. This evolution of Consumerism in Healthcare presents a huge opportunity for Marketing and Call Centers to move beyond just an omnichannel approach to a harmonized approach where agents know exactly who’s calling and why they’re calling.

Join us to discover:

  • Data and technology capabilities required to bring together market, campaign, and consumer data
  • Best practices for management to execute a holistic harmonized engagement strategy
  • Qualities and skills of the “best” agents to deliver highly personalized, world-class patient experiences resulting in increased patient acquisition and retention, and optimized health system growth
  • Best Next Action insights through smart alerts that equip agents to empower, support and inform consumers