On Demand Webinar:
Leveraging Patient Data for Optimal Organizational Growth


More than ever, digital marketing strategies require involvement from Chief Information Officers. It is vital for marketing, business development and others to make informed decisions based on integrated data from consumers, patients, clinicals, and claims, to encourage growth. Because it is 5-10x more expensive to acquire new patients than to retain them, there is a tremendous benefit for users to not only use this information to find new patients, but keep them and optimize growth.

Electronic Consumer Record (ECR) technology integrates patient, consumer, digital, and direct mail response data while assessing health-related factors like comorbidity, demographics, and seasonality. This 360-degree view of consumers supplies health systems with analytical insights for predictive modeling and opportunities to improve care and extend patient lifetime value–all for smarter patient acquisition and retention.

In this presentation, Dr. Bill Disch, Director of Data Science,and David Roth, Vice President of Product Marketing, will present the best practices for leveraging these data and how to optimize it for organizational growth and continued increased ROI.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Best practices for dynamically targeting the right patients with strategic campaign planning tools
  • Techniques for leveraging data assets to create patients for life
  • Organizational growth strategies for business development ROI measurement and dramatic improvement