On Demand Webinar:

Journey Mapping + Analytics: Finding and Guiding your Patient–Featuring Salesforce


Today’s healthcare consumers are unique—they are flush with care options and motivated to conduct extensive research about their health. Personalized customer experience, stemming from a deep understanding of the patient and a desire to form trusting, long-term relationships, is now the expected standard.

By outlining each interaction throughout the entire patient journey—before and after clinical episodes—and focusing on how each touch can be improved, health systems can create strategic journey maps that personalize and target consumers to better attract and retain patients.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • Strategy and approaches to mapping patient journeys at the service line and sub-service line levels
  • Key data and insights that pinpoint market and customer experience opportunities
  • Common gaps in patient journeys and opportunities to better communicate to prevent funnel fall-out
  • Best practices for applying journey mapping analytics and market intelligence