On Demand Webinar:
Improving Loyalty Through Personalized Experiences


Consumers today expect personalization in every aspect of their lives – and healthcare is no exception. That’s how you create loyalty. For health systems, that means delivering superior service and engaging patients at a personalized level. Creating that experience requires distinct platforms living in a unified state, including advanced marketing automation that incorporates healthcare CRM (HCRM).

As in most industries, the healthcare consumer experience begins long before they walk through the door. This webinar will detail the shift that must be made to engage potential patients from the first lead inquiry, throughout their journey to treatment, and the post-care relationship.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Identify opportunities to add value and reduce dropout or leakage throughout the patient journey
  • Enable hyper-targeted, personalized patient journeys, at scale, through a connected MarTech stack
  • Understand the key metrics marketing should measure to understand impact
  • Hear results and ROI impact of a loyalty and retention marketing strategy
  • Discover best practices and lessons learned to get started with a loyalty marketing strategy