On Demand Webinar:
Delivering Personalized Content & Continuous Value to Customers


Content Management Systems (CMS) have been an essential marketing technology for years, but when siloed from other technologies, they lack effectiveness. CMSs have the potential to deliver programmatic, personalized communications at scale and deliver a deeper understanding of patient activities. But to do so, they need to be integrated with a healthcare CRM (HCRM). This integration is critical to better target content to the appropriate audience to maximize conversion rates, optimize marketing spend, and identify the greatest opportunities for ROI.

In this presentation, Brian O’Connor, VP of Enterprise Technology at Evariant discusses how to overcome hurdles when uniting these technologies, while improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Watch the presentation to learn how HCRM + CMS supports:

  • Personalized brand stories through customer journey maps
  • Targeted offers, landing pages, and calls to action based on rich-consumer data
  • Improved population health management
  • Increased ROI and patient engagement