On Demand Webinar:
From Implementation to Adoption
How to Fast Track Value from PRM Tools with Market Intelligence


Physician relationship management (PRM) solutions with market intelligence enable business development teams to be highly efficient and effective, and provide critical insights that inform strategies to drive referrals and increase in-network volumes. However, you need a thoughtful approach to successfully implement and quickly drive the adoption of these solutions. It doesn’t happen through osmosis.

Emilio Ruocco, Vice President, Physician Solutions Practice Leader at Evariant, shares best practices and advice for organizations considering a PRM solution for the first time, considering a vendor change, or on the cusp of an implementation. Among items covered are:

  • How easy is it to configure a platform from scratch, or migrate from an existing solution?
  • What kinds of platform users and other resources will accelerate understanding and adoption?
  • What kind of training and adoption processes will result in quickly demonstrating value?