On Demand Webinar:
Empowering a Strong Brand: Scripps Health Integrates CRM into Its Marketing Mix

How to build long-term volume, value, and outcomes – strategies from Scripps Health CRM integration


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Much can be said of Scripps Health’s evolution towards becoming one of the most recognized health brands on the west coast.

In this presentation, Don Stanziano, System VP of Marketing at Scripps Healthcare, and Gary Druckenmiller, VP of Client Solutions at Evariant, demonstrate the total Scripps Health CRM journey from project inception to service line campaign execution and results. After launching a successful proton therapy campaign, Scripps was able to yield 85% new visitors and learn valuable insights on their customers’ behaviors.

By investing more resources into their patients, Scripps now has strong insights on:

  • The location of the customer effects a response rate and method of response
  • The number of calls to action a specific customer needs to see before they actually request to be contacted
  • The platform, whether it be desktop, iPad, etc., effects the level of engagement with the customer