On Demand Webinar
Empower Your Physicians to Grow Referral Partnerships


Do your physician liaisons have the tools necessary to manage outreach activity and relationships with market physicians?

In 2018, 79% of providers admitted that they refer patients out-of-network because they lack the right information. Without the actionable intelligence necessary to support a highly engaged provider engine, physicians are left in the dark when it comes to knowing who their in-network options are.

During this 30-minute lightning talk, you’ll learn how to bring these referrals back in-network for improved liaison effectiveness, accurate provider insight, and measurable results. Empowering your physicians with the market intelligence they need to prioritize their outreach efforts will extend patient lifetime value and create unsurpassed provider loyalty.

Attend this lighting talk to learn:

  • Best practices for preventing physician referral leakage.
  • Developing a strategic outreach plan with claims-based market data and referral analytics.
  • Utilizing reporting and ROI to identify emerging and recurring network issues and focus outreach interactions.