On Demand Webinar
Drive Patient Engagement with Post-Discharge Calling


Post-discharge follow-up care is a critical step in earning patients for life. Patients can understand their discharge instructions, provide feedback on their experience, and schedule follow-up appointments. With post-discharge engagement, healthcare organizations can ensure the well-being of their patients by building relationships, tracking high-risk patients to prevent unnecessary readmissions, and creating a personalized journey.

Join this webinar to gain the key strategies of driving smarter patient retention by addressing all patient needs within a single call. A demonstration will be held on how the Evariant Engagement Center solution can be used to facilitate successful post-discharge call experiences.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Increase reach rates for post-discharge calls
  • Create successful patient journeys roadmaps by prioritizing calls and avoiding high-risk patient readmissions
  • Deploy best practices for executing clinical and non-clinical post-discharge calls