On Demand Webinar:
Don’t Fall Behind:
How You Can Stay Ahead of Changing Healthcare Consumer Preferences


Consumers have long endured experiences that don’t meet their expectations when engaging healthcare systems for services. They experience long wait times, multiple transfers, and the feeling that they are just “one of many.” However, consumers now have more choices than ever when it comes to seeking health services. Healthcare providers must invest in the tools and engagement tactics that achieve patient loyalty – starting with the hospital’s virtual front door: the call center.

Hear from Evariant, in this 30 minute webinar, how you can benefit from pairing healthcare CRM with your access center. Centralizing all patient, consumer and provider data – alongside past inquiries, event registrations, campaign responses, and appointments – a healthcare CRM breaks down silos and provides a 360-degree caller profile that empowers agents to handle multiple inquiries and deliver a highly effective, personalized, and proactive interactions.

In this 30-minute presentation you’ll learn:

  • Benefits for patients, agents and healthcare systems when using a CRM in the access center
  • Different methods for employing a CRM in your access center
  • How to deliver world-class patient experiences that improve patient loyalty