On Demand Webinar:
Debunking 5 Digital Marketing Misconceptions:
Mistakes that will Derail your Digital Marketing


Healthcare’s digital presence is constantly growing. Having an effective digital strategy is an important tool for an organization’s success. Tracking campaign success and measuring that against KPIs is significantly easier in digital marketing compared to traditional marketing. Digital in healthcare is still relatively new and while it isn’t still in its infancy, many people still fall victim to common misconceptions about digital marketing. These misconceptions have plagued the healthcare industry and prevented many organizations from reaping all the benefits of an effective digital presence.

Watch as Chris Girardi, Vice President of Precision Marketing at Evariant, debunks the five most common misconceptions about digital marketing in healthcare so that you can strengthen your digital presence and improve ROI.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to avoid the commonly believed misconceptions that are holding back digital marketing in healthcare
  • The evolution of digital marketing in healthcare
  • The benefits of a strong digital presence
  • Improve digital marketing tactics to increase patient acquisition and retention rates