On Demand Webinar:
Debunking Digital Marketing Myths:
How to Acquire More Patients with Digital Tactics


Each year, more and more advertising dollars are spent on digital channels because they work. However, the adoption of digital and social advertising lags in healthcare despite findings from a recent Greystone.net study that 3 out of 4 healthcare marketers consider a strong digital and interactive strategy to be essential.*

Watch as Chris Girardi, Director of Evariant’s Campaign Center, debunks five myths about digital in healthcare and shares strategies you can implement immediately to attract and acquire more patients.

After watching this presentation, you will learn:

  • What the revenue opportunity of using digital campaigns
  • How to convince internal stakeholders this is a necessary switch
  • How long it takes to see revenue from digital campaigns
  • Best practices for optimizing a live campaign
  • The importance of testing and the impact this has


*Greystone.net, The State of Digital Marketing in Healthcare 2015