On Demand Webinar:
Creating Extended 360° Patient and Physician Views with Big Data Analytics


Currently, technology has become available to efficiently process and manage massive amounts of disparate data across health systems — what the industry calls “big data” and “big data analytics”. The ability to aggregate, synthesize, visualize, and stream all patient and physician data for machine analytics — in real time or near real time — and make it actionable by connecting it to workflow and applications is what we call the “Extended 360° View” (X-360).

Watch the presentation to learn how to:

  • Leverage current-state healthcare analytics to power decision making across healthcare organizations
  • Develop strategies to achieve the ultimate goal of driving revenue, reduce physician leakage, enable proactive care engagement, and increase ROI
  • Implement an X-360° approach for a first project/initiative

We will also examine use-cases that illustrate how others have successfully deployed X-360° views.