On Demand Webinar:
Bridging the Gap:
Solve Yesterday’s Inefficiencies With Today’s Personalized Engagement Center


Customer personalization is a standard amongst modern day industries, and it’s something healthcare providers are unable to provide because of inefficient practices. Without claims data integration, hospital systems often don’t possess the tools necessary to deliver this catered experience to patients. If call centers are the premier opportunity for one-on-one engagement with consumers, then why do many hospitals fall short?

Advanced healthcare software can create 360-degree patient views, enabling hospitals to deliver the tailored experience that consumers seek through on-the-fly engagement across channels and touchpoints. Traditional call centers react to the issues of patients — learn to distinguish yourself in today’s market by embracing the new reality of proactive engagement centers that anticipate the patient’s needs.

In this webinar, Daren Baker, Senior Product Manager, and David Roth, Vice President of Product Marketing, will share strategies to transform your call center into profit center for smarter patient acquisition and retention.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Transform a traditional call center to a strategic patient engagement engine
  • Build comprehensive profiles to drive inbound and outbound call conversations
  • Deliver on-the-fly, highly personalized, world-class patient experiences resulting in increased patient acquisition and retention, and optimized health system growth