On Demand Webinar:
Beyond Activity Tracking
Increasing the Value of PRM Tools


Many physician relationship management (PRM) tools currently make the mistake of focusing too much on tracking activities performed by an outreach team. While keeping up with these activities is useful for activity-based accountability, these tools can be limited in their utility when it comes to finding growth opportunities and better engaging physicians. Instead, it’s more strategic to combine claims data-driven market intelligence to support overall business development within a PRM tool.

In this webinar Emilio Ruocco, VP of Physician and Strategy Solutions will discuss how to utilize PRM to improve actionable knowledge and develop the correct strategies for physician engagement and growth opportunities.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • The Importance of investing in PRM tools with integrated market intelligence
  • How to develop data-driven and ROI focused strategies for collaborating and engaging with physicians.
  • Effective methods for using market intelligence to find growth opportunities.