OnDemand Webinar:
Accelerating Success with Marketing Automation:
How Scripps Health Drives Patient Journeys


The job of acquiring new and retaining existing patients is not complete at first form fill. There is an abundance of opportunities to create personalized patient journeys, at scale, using the right communication methods and technology systems. When done correctly, automated journeys drive improved lead-to-patient conversions and higher marketing ROI.

During this webinar, hear Jane Hong Senior Director, Care Line Marketing at Scripps Health and Christy Clay, Senior Director, System Marketing at Scripps Health discuss best practices for identifying market opportunity, improving the customer experience, channeling that information to campaign planning and executing, and reporting on marketing automation success.

Watch this webinar for these learning objectives:

  • Increase lead-to-patient conversion with the help of CRM with marketing automation technologies
  • Create service-line specific journeys using actionable intelligence
  • Partner with the call center to improve the patient experience
  • Demonstrate marketing efficacy with provable ROI