Vision for CRM


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Wake Forest Baptist Health knows you don’t just launch a digital campaign and expect instantaneous attributable new patient encounters. It’s an ongoing, iterative process that requires real-time adjustments to improve campaign effectiveness, measure results, and then more adjustment. But, it has to start with marketing educating physicians on the new era of digital marketing and the limitations of more traditional marketing tactics, including billboards.

In this webinar, Jeff House, Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Wake Forest Baptist Health, will share how they launched a successful orthopedic digital marketing campaign, saw an average increase in leads generated of 56% month over month, and converted digital skeptics.

You will hear Jeff House, Vice President of Marketing at Wake Forest Baptist Health share tips on:

  • Building a robust lead pipeline for service lines with long patient decision-making cycles
  • Optimizing conversions by measuring effectiveness of pay-per-click and social ads
  • Changing campaigns in real-time based on what’s working—and how it’s not always what you expect
  • Scaling digital campaigns across service lines
  • Gaining internal support for digital and change management strategies