Assess Your Inventory & Create a Plan: Crawl, Walk, Run


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Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) thinks differently. In the last year, they’ve been through a major transformation. No longer is marketing seen as a cost center, but as a Revenue Center partnering with other functional groups throughout the organization, including Strategy, Physician Outreach, and Population Health. Where did they start? What technology did they need? How could they embark on tracking campaign performance and calculating ROI across marketing and physician outreach?

In this webinar, Dan Lavelle, Director of Demand Generation and CRM from LVHN shares his 10 tips for starting the CRM journey. Watch the presentation to hear Dan discuss how to:

  • Assess your organization’s needs and readiness for CRM
  • Audit existing CRM, PRM, and Contact Center technologies
  • Reposition and restructure a marketing department to a be positioned as a revenue center
  • Track campaign performance and show ROI
  • Break down silos and provide meaningful insights to other functions, such as Population Health