Evariant PRM
Provider Outreach Tools

Give your physician liaison teams the required tools to access provider information in the field and improve provider network utilization

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PRM Go! allows your physician liaison team to:


Easily access information
via simple navigation


Update territories by easily
adding or removing a provider


Easily access issues, tasks,
notes and calls


Quickly access Provider and
Practice details


Empower Physician Liaison Teams with PRM Go!

Relevant and timely information is key physician liaison team success. With the Evariant PRM Go! mobile app, your team has access to information anywhere, empowering them with key facts and analytics about a physician practice, minutes before entering the doors.

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See how the PRM Go! provider outreach tool empowers your physician liaison team to develop unsurpassed physician loyalty – resulting in smarter provider engagement, optimized network utilization, increased margins, and health system growth.

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