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Over 2.25 million providers and 750,000 practices nationally. The provider directory puts the essential, up-to-date details on physicians, practice/groups, locations, and specialties at your fingertips to improve network utilization with more informed physician outreach targeting and engagement.

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All the Details for Smarter Outreach

Begin all your physician relationship initiatives with accurate, up-to-date information. Integrated with the Evariant PRM, our provider directory provides full listings of all U.S. physicians, practices, demographics, specialties, certifications, education, and affiliations.

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Leverage Physician Directory, Claims Data & Business Intelligence Together

Combine our physician directory with business analytics tools and claims-based market data to develop targeted lists based on geography/territory, specialty, and other data points. By targeting the right physicians, your liaison teams can create and execute more effective physician outreach campaigns.

Modernize Your Physician Alignment Strategies


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Discover how physician liaisons can help your health system drive high value service line growth, optimize provider network utilization, and extend patient lifetime value in the hyper-competitive healthcare environment.

Modernize Your Physician Alignment Strategies