Evariant PRM
Claims-Based Market Data

Enhance visibility into your organization’s market with the largest, most complete claims database available. The Evariant Physician Relationship Management solution with market intelligence produces actionable claims data insights that allow you to align with the highest opportunity providers, grow your physician network, and guide physician engagement.

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Over 9 Billion Claims, Updated Monthly

Derived from multiple sources, the Evariant database has more than 9 billion claims and is updated monthly. Our claims data includes more than 30 claims line data elements, making it more robust than any other available database on the market. With business intelligence tools, hospitals can leverage this extensive database to improve provider targeting, identify emerging and recurring network issues, and focus outreach interactions.

Gain new insights from claims-based market data


Identify Market Opportunities to Build
Physician Networks

Use the Evariant Physician Directory and claims-based market data to investigate physician case volumes and referral tendencies. With this insight, your organization can get directional insights on referral trends and identify issues resulting in lost case volume. In addition, physician outreach teams can gain perspective on market opportunities as the organization builds its physician networks, acquires/consolidates private practices, and otherwise pursues profitable growth.

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