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The Evariant PRM solution gives health systems a competitive edge in finding the right physicians and developing unsurpassed loyalty, which results in smarter provider engagement, increased margins, optimized network utilization and health system growth.

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Prioritize the Right Physicians for Outreach

Providers retain the right to send patients to the provider they think will give the best care, but referrals sent out-of-network are incredibly costly – 30-50 percent of out-of-network referrals translates to $4-8 billion in lost revenue. With a lack of market insights and understanding of provider referral networks, health systems struggle to identify and prioritize the right physicians for targeted outreach.

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Actionable Insights Drive Physician Engagement

A highly-engaged provider network gives organizations a competitive edge and is critical for optimized growth. Our physician relationship management solution helps optimize provider outreach and engagement initiatives with actionable insights based on claims analytics and market intelligence. With this insight, health systems can prioritize outreach efforts with focused messaging, improve physician alignment, and drive measurable results.

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Engaged Providers Help Keep Patients for Life

In order to find, guide, and keep patients for life, you need a PRM platform that enables your health system to identify high-value providers and engage them with insight-driven outreach. With 360-degree provider profiles, hospitals have the ability to keep providers engaged by addressing their issues quickly and effectively.

  • A health system has heard an aligned PCP practice is sending patients to competitor Orthopedic Surgeons.
  • Analyst Mary examines Evariant Market Intelligence and finds the trends indicate this is indeed happening.
  • Liaison Kate further examines insights about the PCPs in her territory to understand which competitor Orthopedic Surgeons have been receiving referrals.
  • Kate meets with the PCPs, asking focused questions to understand why these referrals are being lost.
  • Discovering there are both patient experience feedback and scheduling issues with In-Network Orthopedic Surgeons, Kate schedules a Provider-to-Provider meeting.
  • The In-Network Orthopedic Surgeons meet with the PCPs to re-establish trust. Kate monitors operational improvements to improve scheduling and reports changes to the PCPs.
  • A couple months later, analyst Mary and liaison Kate can both see referrals to the In Network Orthopedic Surgeons from the PCP practice have been improving.

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Why Choose Evariant PRM

The Evariant PRM solution provides indisputable business development impact with enterprise-level physician engagement, the largest and most complete claims database in the industry, accurate and configurable referral analytics, expansive data analytics, and comprehensive support and consulting services. These key features allow health systems to align with the highest opportunity providers, identify emerging and recurring network issues, focus outreach interactions, and measure outreach impact and ROI.

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Your competitive advantage is highly-engaged providers.

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