Evariant HCRM

The Evariant healthcare CRM solution enables marketing teams to engage patients across their healthcare journey with precision marketing campaigns and advanced predictive analytics that ultimately drive high-value service line growth, extend patient lifetime value, and increase patient acquisition and retention.

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Smarter Patient Acquisition & Retention

In a competitive market, healthcare organizations need to employ smarter patient acquisition and retention to optimize growth and drive revenue. The problem is, health systems struggle to acquire and retain patients due to:

  • Missed personalization opportunities
  • Disparate and incomplete patient data
  • Lack of targeting and multi-channel capabilities
  • Failure to optimize performance and demonstrate ROI

When healthcare organizations employ mass marketing without precision targeting, they not only waste budget, but they miss crucial engagement opportunities.

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Elevate Your Healthcare Marketing

A healthcare CRM solution integrates hospital patient and consumer data with advanced predictive analytics and comprehensive digital marketing to facilitate precision marketing campaigns. This solution enables healthcare marketing teams to deliver highly personalized and engaging outreach to target populations across channels and helps health systems find, guide, and keep the right patients for life. With smarter patient acquisition and retention, your marketing department can engage patients throughout their care journey, drive high-value service line growth, and effectively demonstrate ROI.

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Evariant HCRM in Action

  • John has been nursing an old college knee injury that just won’t go away
  • John receives email on Lifeside’s new Joint Replacement Center, then recognizes Facebook ad
  • John’s info automatically populates and a "Weekend Warrior” persona is displayed for Susan
  • Susan queries for Orthopedists near John’s office and schedules an appointment; John receives a text confirmation
  • John later receives an email inviting him to a seminar
  • A couple months later, John receives a call from Lifeside to schedule his first rehab appointment

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Why Choose Evariant HCRM

The Evariant HCRM solution is highly scalable, secure, and stable, offering flexible data integration and open system architecture. Our HCRM transforms your marketing department into an agile, high-yielding growth machine with intelligent audience targeting, true multi-channel marketing capability, superior modeling and analytics, real-time performance and ROI reporting, and best-in-class account, campaign, and consulting services.

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Discover how your organization can find, guide, and keep patients for life with the Evariant HCRM solution.

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