Evariant Insights Business Planner

Evariant Insights Business Planner identifies top growth opportunities and recommends persona-based Best Next Actions by eliminating data and analytic silos. Now, those responsible for driving business growth understand interlocking market dynamics more holistically to better find, guide, and keep patients for life.

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Identify Top Market Growth Opportunities

While other tools assume you know what and how you want to grow–in a particular area, service line, or even sub-service line, Evariant Insights Business Planner delivers the first-of-its-kind view to identify top growth opportunities and recommend best next actions. Answer questions like, where should I invest to grow market share by 1%; should I focus on Hip or Knee replacements to grow our Orthopedic volumes; or which regions represent the most untapped opportunity?

Rather than working in multiple, siloed workstreams, Evariant Insights Business Planner delivers one workflow that takes into account the consequences of one audience to the next.

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Guided Discovery Pathways Identify Best Next Actions

The highly dynamic, action-driven, reimagined user experience provides a range of user personas with applied healthcare analytics that transcend the limits of siloed data sets, like consumer, patient, physician, and claims.

Key analytics insights include clinical and channel propensity models, household segmentation categories, patient and consumer demographics, complete claims data detail and referral insights, and more. This integrated data facilitates business question workflows and guide users in the exploration of identified opportunities.

Users leverage Discovery Pathways to evaluate key concepts relevant to understanding market dynamics. These Pathways validate high-value opportunities by integrating additional market insights and honing in on the most valuable geographies, physicians, etc.

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Find, Guide, and Keep Patients For Life with Seamless Integrations

Business Planner integrates seamlessly with Evariant HCRM and PRM solutions, so marketing and physician teams can begin executing against their Best Next Actions immediately. Take your new understanding of top opportunities and consumer segment lists and kick off a campaign and/or create optimized provider outreach lists for an integrated go-to-market growth strategy.

In addition, this integration gives both teams access to data and insights traditionally unavailable to them—enabling your marketing teams to gain a deeper understanding of provider audiences and enabling your physician liaison teams to integrate consumer and patient data into their outreach strategy.

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Discover how Evariant Insights Business Planner enables high-value service line growth, extended patient lifetime value, and improved network utilization and planning.

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