Evariant Insights

The Evariant Insights business intelligence solution identifies top opportunities and persona-based Best Next Actions to support high-value service line growth, improved network utilization and planning, and extended patient lifetime value.

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Answer Critical Business & Growth Questions

The Evariant Insights solution uncovers market insights, top growth opportunities, and Best Next Actions within an intuitive, highly dynamic, action-driven user experience. It transcends traditional data silos to integrate a multitude of data sources, including extensive national consumer, patient, provider and claims data, provider volumes and referrals, and patient journey analytics. Users can answer critical business questions such as:

  • What geographic area, service lines, and sub-service lines should we focus to grow market share?
  • What is the estimated market growth in a specific geography?
  • How much should we budget to capture this opportunity?
  • What is the projected or forecasted, return on this campaign?
  • How can we better manage the patient journey with consumer and physician engagement efforts?

Ultimately, users make Insights-driven strategic decisions in merely hours – decisions that currently take months of planning, data collection, and manual analysis.

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Dynamic, Supercharged Flexibility for a Range of User Personas

Analytics that were once specific to certain users and workflows are available to all users with Evariant Insights. Strategic planning, marketing, and physician teams can view a range of interdependent factors influencing market insights and growth opportunities.

Evariant supercharged flexibility allows users to further their investigation by configuring elements such as geography, including one or many counties, a radius around a ZIP code, and across state lines; service line definitions down to the clinical code level; provider loyalty and opportunity scores; and network flagging with ease.

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Integration with Patients For Life

The Evariant Insights solution works in tandem with all elements of the Patients For Life PlatformTM, including the Evariant HCRM, PRM, and Engagement Center solutions. With this integration, your teams can save Insights outputs as actionable target lists for execution within the other Evariant solutions. Teams are enabled to explore additional opportunities, initiate campaign execution, and/or apply insights toward in-flight initiatives.

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Discover how Evariant Insights enables high-value service line growth, extended patient lifetime value, and improved network utilization and planning.

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