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Connected, personalized consumer and patient experiences are the key to improving engagement throughout the care journey, optimizing growth, and keeping patients for life. With an HCRM solution, marketers can deliver tailored, personalized interactions that result in engaging care experiences—no matter how, when, or to whom they speak.

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Capturing Responses on Any Channel

Consumers and patients interact with health systems on many platforms throughout their healthcare journey, including websites, social media accounts, email, call centers, patient portals, and more. At the point of interaction, each of these channels collects valuable consumer and patient information. The Evariant HCRM solution aggregates and analyzes data from each source, generating insights that can inform future precision marketing campaigns.

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Creating a Unified Patient Experience

A multi-channel marketing strategy ensures consumers and patients experience a seamless, personalized experience regardless of the communication channels they use. This way, your customers feel recognized and important throughout their journey with your organization, encouraging retention and extending patient lifetime value.

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