Evariant HCRM
Campaign Performance & ROI Reporting

With access to real-time campaign performance intelligence and detailed ROI reporting, marketing teams make in-flight optimizations that drive campaign results, attribute campaign activities to broader organizational goals, and showcase marketing ROI.

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Optimize Campaigns with Real-Time
Performance Metrics

The Evariant HCRM solution tracks and tags campaign performance in real time, offering deep-dive analyses and reports on the campaign, tactic, and asset level. Armed with a “full picture” view of performance, healthcare marketing teams make data-backed in-flight optimizations to improve results. Our solution also offers configurable parameters to ensure indisputable value for your organization’s reporting needs.

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Showcase Marketing ROI to Executives

Justify marketing investment to the C-suite or hospital board with our powerful HCRM solution. With powerful data analytics and reporting features, teams can more easily collect, organize, and analyze campaign data. Attribution can be further linked to clinical conversion and related financial data to measure the efficacy and ROI of your campaigns.

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Our HCRM solution enables smarter patient acquisition and retention and high-value service line growth with dynamic, real-time campaign performance and reporting capabilities.

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