Evariant HCRM
Audience Targeting

Drive high-value service line growth with precision audience targeting. The Evariant HCRM solution is a robust analytics platform that helps organizations identify the right target audiences, improve campaign success, and reduce marketing costs.

Using Data Science & Models to Boost Outcomes


Understand your Consumer Market

Evariant marries together patient demographic and clinical data with a wealth of consumer information, including hundreds of data elements for every individual and household in the US. This data fuels segmentation and clinical modeling, which helps not only identify the best targets but most effective channel, message, etc. for those individuals.


Reach the Right Audience

Marketing teams need simple tools to deploy highly relevant marketing campaigns to the target prospects who are the most likely candidates for health services. The Evariant data science team is continuously building, rebuilding, and refining a robust, predictive modeling and analytics library to enable healthcare marketers to drive high-value service line growth and extend patient lifetime value.

Marketers have easy access to pull campaign lists on-the-fly whether they are looking for clinical propensity and predictive models, campaign channel optimization models, advanced analytics and custom modeling. Using our predictive model and analytics library, marketers see significantly reduced front-end marketing costs.

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Develop Actionable Insights with Health Analytics

With the Evariant HCRM as a centralized data hub, marketing teams can connect and analyze disparate data sources in order to derive actionable insights. These data sources include consumer and patient demographics, clinical, financial, website, and more. Our platform is secure, HIPAA compliant, reliable, scalable, and user-friendly, with real-time reporting that easily integrates with all internal and external hospital systems. Health analytics can be used to develop actionable insights for precision campaign targeting across multiple marketing channels.

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Discover how use actionable data models to drive healthcare campaign outcomes, reduce marketing costs, and optimize high-value service line growth.

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