Patients for Life Platform™

The Evariant Patients for Life Platform offers actionable intelligence to find high-value consumers, guide patients through clinical journeys, and a full suite of capabilities to keep them engaged; from appointment reminders, to post-discharge follow-up, to predicting their next need. Ultimately, we optimize growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention.

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Acquire and Retain the Right Patients

The process of acquiring and retaining patients is becoming increasingly difficult. Today’s hospitals and health systems face heavy competition:

  • Retailers and clinics offer unprecedented convenience
  • Telehealth is going mainstream
  • Consumers manage their care with ‘Dr. Google’
  • Patients switch providers at a higher frequency due to poor experiences

Providers must acquire and retain the right patients, with a healthy payer mix and a focus on high-value service lines. New marketing and engagement strategies are needed.


Optimize Growth and Improve ROI

The Evariant Patients for Life Platform integrates HCRM, Campaign Center, Engagement Center, and PRM solutions. Together, these tools and services provide actionable intelligence that enable your teams to optimize marketing campaigns, physician utilization, and call center operations with closed loop reporting and analytics. The benefit of this is achieving indisputable organizational growth, boosting market share, and driving ROI.

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Find, Guide, and Keep Patients for Life


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Make marketing a high-yielding growth machine

The Evariant HCRM solution is highly scalable, secure, and stable, offering flexible data integration and open system architecture. Our HCRM transforms your marketing department into an agile, high-yielding revenue machine with intelligent audience targeting, true multi-channel marketing capability, superior modeling and analytics, real-time performance and ROI reporting, and best-in-class account, campaign, and consulting services.

Make Marketing a Growth Machine


Transform your Call Center into a Profit Center

The call center is where healthcare consumers go to request referrals, set up appointments, and seek additional information. The problem is, call center agents don’t have the data nor tools to respond to callers in a meaningful and personalized way. This results in poor customer experiences and a missed opportunity to cross-sell and upsell services that drive organizational growth.

The Evariant Engagement Center gives agents access to comprehensive customer profiles, enabling them to deliver on-the-fly, highly personalized, world-class patient experiences on every call.

Turn Your Call Center Into a Profit Center


Gain a Competitive Advantage with Highly
Engaged Providers

Without visibility into provider referral activity and claims data insights, network development and liaison teams struggle to identify and prioritize the right physicians for outreach activity. The Evariant PRM solution gives health systems a competitive edge in finding the right physicians and developing unsurpassed loyalty resulting in smarter provider engagement, increased margins, optimized network utilization, and health system growth.

Discover How PRM Helps Improve Provider Loyalty


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