Evariant Engagement Center
Referral Connect

Match patients to the right facilities based on clinical need, patient preference, appointment availability, and geographic convenience.

Transform the Call Center into an Engagement Center


What can you do with Engagement Center Referral Connect?


Locate the facility or provider
that best matches patient needs


Enhance patient satisfaction
and overall experience


Efficiently track downstream
referral volume


Reduce out-of-network
referral leakage


Facility Referral & Request Capabilities

Enable call center agents to find facilities that match patients’ needs, add referral orders, and send patients referral details based on communication preferences. Facility referral requests are entered directly into the application and centralized in a single queue, so agents can fulfill requests easily.

Facility Referral & Request empowers call center agents to:

  • Quickly identify convenient facilities based on caller location
  • Track referring provider association
  • End-to-end workflow automation from queue segmentation to case generation
  • Deliver multiple referrals via the caller’s preferred communication channel in a single transaction

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Physician Referral & Request Capabilities

Find physicians based on a variety of criteria including distance to the caller, specialty, and insurances accepted, and then select the individuals who are best suited to meet the needs of the patient. Clinical systems and practices can also create referral requests that aggregate in a centralized queue for agents to fulfill.

Physician Referral & Request helps grow revenue by:

  • Matching patients to the best provider based on individualized needs
  • Converting referrals to appointments with scheduling workflow integrations
  • Ensuring compliance with Safe Harbor & Stark Laws
  • Implementing both patient-to physician and physician-to-physician workflows
  • Sending referral details for one or multiple physicians via the callers preferred communication channel in a single transaction

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