Evariant Engagement Center
Care Connect

Automate the post-discharge follow-up process to lower readmissions, improve health outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.

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What can you do with Engagement Center Care Connect?


Reduce unnecessary
readmissions and
ER visits


Identify patients overdue for
care and re-engage
through multiple channels


Enhance patient


Increase care quality and
transitions of care


Post Discharge Call Capabilities

Automate the post-discharge follow-up process and allow staff to focus on cases that require one-on-one interactions. With personalized, relevant guidance at the right time, patients are more likely to follow discharge care plans to lower readmissions, improve outcomes, and boost satisfaction.

Benefits of Engagement Center Post Discharge Calls include:

  • Segmenting clinical and non-clinical queues based on patient risk scores for proper resource allocation
  • Alerting call center agents of unique patient-specific circumstances
  • Integrating risk scores to drive individualized care and decrease readmissions
  • Leveraging automated nurturing programs to deliver post-discharge surveys

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Reminded Care Capabilities

Strengthen patient relationships and improve retention with a fully automated, end-to-end process for reminding and re-engaging patients through multiple communication channels. Health systems can segment call queues to align with communication and re-engagement initiatives.

Physician Referral & Request helps grow revenue by:

  • Matching patients to the best provider based on individualized needs
  • Converting referrals to appointments with scheduling workflow integrations
  • Ensuring compliance with Safe Harbor & Stark Laws
  • Implementing both patient-to physician and physician-to-physician workflows
  • Sending referral details for one or multiple physicians via the callers preferred communication channel in a single transaction

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