Evariant Engagement Center
Appointment Connect

Reduce missed patient appointments with a tool that allows staff to schedule appointments with ease and follow up to confirm attendance.

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What can you do with Engagement Center Appointment Connect?


Schedule in real-time
with EHR integrations


Increase referrals


Decrease patient


Rebook cancelled


Improve call center


Appointment Scheduling & Management Capabilities

Enable call center agents to find the most appropriate provider for a patient’s needs, schedule an appointment, and send confirmation via email and/or SMS. Agents can follow up with appointment status at any time to reduce no-shows. The Evariant Engagement Center Appointment Connect also aggregates appointment requests from a multitude of sources so agents can prioritize and fulfill appointment requests efficiently.

With Appointment Scheduling & Management call center agents can:

  • View scheduling guidelines specific to each provider and/or practice
  • Access map views on-the-fly during patient conversations, helping to ensure that the patient is scheduled for appointments at the most convenient facilities
  • Identify providers by designations that matter most to your health system, including but not limited to, in-network, out-of-network, affiliated and employed providers
  • Schedule appointments based on provider availability that are dynamically updated from your EHR system.

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