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Transform your healthcare call center into a revenue-driving Engagement Center. Deliver on-the-fly, highly-personalized, world-class patient experiences, thereby increasing patient acquisition and retention.

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Transform Your Call Center into a Profit Center

Traditional healthcare call centers operate in silos, resulting in disjointed caller experiences simply because agents do not have the tools to handle multiple inquires nor provide proactive experiences. Callers are left feeling dissatisfied and searching for a better healthcare experience.

Healthcare providers have a tremendous opportunity to invest in solutions and processes that transform the call center into a profit center by driving smarter patient engagement.

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Fully Engage with Comprehensive Caller Profiles

The Evariant Engagement Center puts the right information at the fingertips of call center agents. The solution centralizes all patient, consumer, and provider data alongside past inquiries and call center activities – including class and event registrations, campaign inquiries, provider referrals, and appointment scheduling requests. With this 360-degree caller profile, agents are empowered to deliver highly-personalized, world-class patient experiences with first call resolution.

Boost Personalization and Efficiency with an Engagement Center


The Evariant Engagement Center in Action

  • Pete submits a webform on Lifeside's website for more information about knee pain
  • Susan calls Pete the same day
  • Pete's info automaticaly populates and a "Weekend Warrior" persona is displayed for Susan
  • Susan queries for Orthopedists near Pete's office and schedules an appointment; Pete receives a text confirmation and a reminder the day before his appointment
  • Pete tries physical therapy first and eventually elects for and has successful joint surgery
  • Pete is discharged and receives a call from CSR Mary to schedule physical therapy sessions
  • A couple months later, Pete receives a call from Lifeside offering him a wellness class for individuals who had recent join replacement. Pete happily enrolls

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Smarter Patient Acquisition

With access to a complete caller profile, call center agents can close the loop on marketing activities and engage in more meaningful interactions. By uniting inbound and outbound campaigns with informed interactions, you can simplify the attribution of clinical and financial outcomes to campaign initiatives. Pair Evariant Engagement Center with the Evariant HCRM to increase patient engagement and loyalty as well as increasing marketing ROI.

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Maximize Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

Rich caller profiles allow call center agents not only to provide first call resolution, but also support a more proactive experience. Agents can provide facility and provider referrals that best meet caller needs and schedule appointments in real-time. Thereby reducing the percentage of patients who never follow up on referrals. Should the caller opt to schedule at a later time, they can be added to a follow up queue to make sure the referral is not lost.

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Extend Patient Lifetime Value

Timely follow-up is critical to preventing readmissions, protecting the bottom line revenue, and ultimately, providing a successful patient recover process. Automating the post-discharge follow-up and reminded care process allows staff to focus on cases that require one-on-one interactions. Providing personalized, relevant guidance to patients at the right time lower the risk of unnecessary readmission, improving outcomes, and increasing patient satisfaction.

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Why Choose Evariant

The Evariant Engagement Center solution is purpose built to create a 360-degree view of the patient for health systems that insource their call centers, whether they have one centralized call center or multiple decentralized call centers. It enables call center agents to deliver on-the-fly, highly personalized, world-class interactions that result in improved patient engagement, smarter patient acquisition and retention, and optimized health system growth.

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