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Designing and implementing a successful patient nurturing program is essential for smarter patient acquisition and retention, growing high-value service lines, and accelerating ROI. From journey mapping to campaign execution, Evariant’s multi-channel, data-driven approach ensures you are reaching the right patients at the right time.

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Multi-Channel, End-to-End Nurturing

Patient nurturing is critical as care decisions often take time. Additionally, traditional marketing alone is no longer as effective as it once was, making a multi-touch approach more important than ever. Using data insights from the Evariant HCRM solution, the Campaign Center team works with organizations to systematically track the behavior of consumers from the research to conversion stage, understanding where they drop off, and how to best target them with the right communication at the right time on the right channels, creating an end-to-end nurturing program.

Journey Mapping for Improved Patient Engagement


Data-Driven Rules, Triggers and Automation

At what point should an outbound call be placed instead of an email? When does the patient move to the patient portal as the main point of connection? How might we help the patient experience after a visit? Each of these questions requires knowledge of the patient journey and a coordinated effort between marketing teams. With Evariant, automated workflows based on customer data and previous touches are created, ensuring messages are sent at the optimal time, improving engagement and boosting efficiency.

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Proven Playbooks and In-Flight Optimization

Our team of experts have years of experience leading patient nurturing programs for top healthcare organizations. The result? Proven marketing playbooks designed to create effective campaigns that result in smarter patient acquisition and retention. Between the Campaign Center team and the Evariant HCRM, we can plan, create, and optimize campaigns on the fly, boosting engagement, improving retention rates, and accelerating growth to high-revenue service lines.

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