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Great patient journeys include direct mail. When combined with digital marketing tactics, direct mail campaigns help hospitals and healthcare providers increase acquisition rates and improve patient retention.

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Delivering a Full Funnel Approach

The battle for the consumer is on and with the average person receiving more than 2,900 marketing messages each day, attention is scarce. Experience has taught us that to effectively reach our audience and engage patients throughout their care journey, we must use a combination of digital ads, direct mail, and phone calls. In fact, our research shows that combining digital ads and direct mail can yield a 28% higher conversion rate. Utilizing data from the Evariant HRCM, our Campaign Services team helps hospitals identify the optimal time for reaching the right patients across their preferred channels.

Using Inbound & Outbound Marketing in Healthcare


Strategy. Planning. Execution

Most healthcare marketers lack the insight to employ precision marketing campaigns, resulting in excess spend and failure to demonstrate ROI. An integrated direct mail campaign informed by consumer and patient insights allows marketers to focus on the right audiences, drive growth to high-value service lines, and optimize budgets. Whether you are focused on demand generation or lead nurturing campaigns, Evariant can help you create an effective direct mail campaign from strategy to execution.


Why Evariant Direct Mail Services

Evariant has partnered with one of the largest direct mail companies in the US. They know more about where your mail is than the Post Office. On top of that, our experts have years of experience running direct marketing campaigns. From strategy to planning to execution, our Campaign Center team can help with everything from data definition and content strategy to template design, program configuration, production and reporting. When combined with the Evariant HCRM, hospitals can ensure they are reaching the right patients to support high-value service line growth goals.

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