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Evariant Campaign Center’s digital marketing approach is unlike any other online media outlet in healthcare. Based on countless hours of research, development, and productization, our experts deliver performance-based campaign results and drive high-value service line growth with indisputable ROI.

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The Evariant Campaign Center Approach

Health systems turn to the Evariant Campaign Center experts to optimize growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention. Our digital media experts rely on research, historical campaign data, and creativity to produce best practice media plans to meet campaign goals. We constantly evaluate new media tactics and use proven industry-tested channels to deliver qualified marketing leads that convert to appointments. The Evariant team of Digital Media Specialists improves media performance, getting more value from paid search, social and display advertising. The result is more leads, more clinical conversions, high-value service line growth and indisputable ROI.

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Programmatic Buying & Real-Time Bidding

In traditional online media buys, advertisers bid on where their audience is likely to browse resulting in unwanted impressions and spend. Evariant Campaign Center experts use insights into online behaviors and targeting behavioral, demographic, geographic, retargeted and social proximity, to place ads where the target audience is online. Our Programmatic & Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technologies combined with our digital media expertise ensure your digital investment is always optimized to deliver the maximum number of patient conversions.

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Search Engine Marketing

The Evariant digital media team refers to search engine marketing (SEM) as the “direct marketing tactic of the web.” Why? Its purpose is to drive relevant traffic to specific landing pages, answering searcher’s health questions. With billions of online searches happening per day across the globe, the experts in the Evariant Campaign Center have cracked the code on keyword optimization ensuring marketing dollars return a high ROI online.

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Audience Retargeting

Hospitals are traditionally plagued by limited online reach due to tight market area boundaries and other parameters. More often than not, hospital marketers are trying to capture an entire geographic audience without taking into consideration individuals who already have an affinity with the hospital or brand. This is where the strength of retargeting comes into play, and Evariant uses this vital digital advertising tool as part of its media delivery.


Social Media Advertising

When deployed correctly, social media advertising provides ample opportunities to drive results. Targeting demographics, geography and the interests of a user or a group of users, combined with our asset deployment strategies, Evariant-placed ads achieve high click-through and conversion rates.

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Discover how the Evariant Campaign Center team can help you create a successful and integrated digital marketing program, driving revenue growth, improving acquisition, and building patients for life.

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