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Just like we are in the business of helping healthcare providers find, guide, and keep patients for life, we are obsessed with creating Evariant Customers for Life. Our team of Customer Success Consultants tackle complex patient and provider challenges with confidence. We provide strategic, data-driven expertise to help our customers grow high value service lines, optimize provider network utilization, and extend patient lifetime value – ultimately achieving indisputable and measurable ROI.

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Evaluate Where Your Organization Stands Today

As a foundation of customer success, we conduct a customized and in-depth Maturity Assessment for each Evariant solution. We evaluate your processes, infrastructure, strategy, data and analytics capabilities, and engagement levels to determine what you’re currently doing well, and where your next opportunity for improvement is based on your strategic goals. Maturity Assessments are reviewed and updated on an annual basis to always keep your organization moving forward

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Develop Strategies for Ongoing Success

Your Maturity Assessment informs prescriptive, two-year roadmaps that align to your unique business goals and objectives. We work with you to implement Strategic Playbooks—including campaign strategy, journey mapping, business development prioritization, advanced physician opportunity planning, and operational realignment – that support your Roadmap towards overall maturity and success. Our ongoing support of Playbook execution ensures you achieve indisputable and measurable ROI through high-value service line growth, improved provider network utilization, and extended patient lifetime value.

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Access to Healthcare Expertise and Support

Our Customer Success package includes access to an experienced consulting team and an assigned Practice Lead. Your Practice Lead is a strategic guru with over 10 years of experience, dedicated to leading the day-to-day creation and execution of Maturity Assessments and Strategic Playbooks. This is coupled with robust implementation, training, and product support services to address your needs at any time.

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Speak with an Evariant expert to learn how your organization can drive patient volumes, advance high-value service line strategies, and generate attributable ROI with our Customer Success partnerships.

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