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The Evariant Campaign Center is a fully integrated healthcare marketing agency that transforms your traditional marketing department into a revenue and profit center. With years of experience, our specialists use real-time digital marketing campaigns to find, guide, and keep patients for life.

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Multi-Channel, Precision Marketing

The healthcare landscape is shifting and traditional marketing isn’t as efficient or effective in engaging with today’s consumer. While digital marketing is making its way into the healthcare landscape, it is novel to many health organizations, resulting in a lack of support, know-how, and insufficient campaign strategies. A multi-channel, precision marketing strategy is a must in reaching the right audience, driving ROI, and improving growth.

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From Window Shopper to Patient for Life

The Evariant Campaign Center enables healthcare marketing departments to acquire and communicate with current and prospective patients through email, website, direct mail and other channels, providing a complete end-to-end, multi-channel media solution.

Sophisticated modeling and retargeting tactics not only help improve acquisition but aim to convert ‘window shoppers’ to patients for life by promoting and up-selling appropriate services based on past behaviors and affinities.

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Let Our Campaign Center Guide You

Our team of specialists have years of campaign and marketing experience. We understand the nuances of healthcare provider markets and have the data to deliver a significant return on your investment quickly. Let our team of marketing professionals help you to create better patient and provider outcomes, make smarter media investments, and track and grow campaign ROI.

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