Best Practice Guide – Healthcare Marketing

The success of any marketing campaign is directly dependent on effectively targeting the right person with the right message at the right time – regardless if you’re communicating with consumers, existing patients, or physicians. Insights found in data provides the foundation for developing a marketing strategy that will help grow revenue, improve network utilization, and increase market share.


Discover best practices associated with each of these areas: digital, transformation, and measurement and analytics.

Digital Marketing

By integrating digital marketing strategies into the marketing mix, health systems can acquire and retain patients smarter and deliver indisputable ROI. Leveraging tactics like SEO, SEM, multi-channel campaigns, social media, and more help transform the healthcare experience and foster richer consumer and patient engagement.

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Patient Marketing

In a value-based healthcare landscape, healthcare marketers need to focus on improving patient engagement and satisfaction. When implemented successfully, patient marketing strategies aim to support value-based care initiatives through improved engagement.

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Marketing Measurement & Analytics

New patient encounters don’t occur instantly after launching new marketing campaigns. It’s an ongoing, iterative process that requires sound follow-up processes, and real-time adjustments to improve campaign effectiveness and measure results. By measuring ROI and revenue attribution, health systems can continuously optimize their marketing strategy to attract new patients and grow revenue.

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Multi-Channel Marketing

Patients use numerous platforms to interact with healthcare organizations throughout their care journeys—call centers, websites, social media, email, patient portals, and more. An integrated, multi-channel marketing strategy ensures patients have seamless, personalized experiences regardless of the channels they use. The result is increased engagement, improved retention, and extended patient lifetime value.

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Social Media Marketing

Healthcare social media marketing aims to promote healthcare services and engage patients through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. To employ social media marketing effectively, healthcare marketers should post valuable brand information, focus on personalized conversations with consumers, and interact with user-generated content, also known as earned media.

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