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The ROI of Physician Relationship Management

For hospitals, growth has always been the principal means of generating the revenue needed to reinvest, modernize, and add new service lines to address the changing needs of the populations the hospitals serve. But today, as the fundamental model evolves from volume-based care to value-based care, the financial health of the hospital is under even greater pressure as payments are increasingly being tied to real-world evidence of patient outcomes. In order to maintain their balance through this shifting equilibrium, hospitals must not only continue to identify and capitalize on new opportunities for growth, but they must become far more tactical and efficient in their approaches to growth strategies, and they must be able to track and report on the efficacy of their efforts.

Traditionally, the hospital looks to the team that develops and maintains physician relationships to drive growth by increasing referrals. At the same time, hospitals have been unwilling to call this critical role by the name used in most businesses: Sales. Hospitals have euphemistically referred to these sales personnel as “Physician Relations Managers” or “Physician Liaisons,” but no matter their titles, their mandate has been clear: Cultivate relationships with doctors that will lead to an increase in cases being referred. But which doctors? In which service lines? And what kinds of cases? And what touch points?

In this whitepaper, you will:

  • Gain insight into market share opportunity
  • Learn how to identify physician segments
  • Learn how to cultivate physician relationships
  • Learn how to track physician liaison activity and measuring ROI

ROI of Physician Relationship Management

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