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Proactive Health: Transforming Healthcare — One Patient at a Time

Proactive health is an interesting concept. Yet, when you perform a search on the term, you see little information on exactly what it means. Some companies have incorporated the term into their brand names while some healthcare providers and wellness centers have also incorporated the term into their brands.

What you do not find in the search results are articles that define the term, its importance, and the fact that it may be the end game for healthcare in the U.S.

This white paper is appropriate reading for hospital Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Information Officers and explores:

  • Brief history of the U.S. healthcare system
  • How forward-thinking providers and physicians are moving away from reactive health/ volume-based delivery, and embracing proactive health/ value-based delivery
  • Introduction to a new definition of proactive health
  • What patients and providers need to do to make the proactive health commitment
  • What challenges providers and patients face
  • The value that providers, physicians, and patients can realize

Proactive Health

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