Modernizing Physician Alignment Strategies with Data Analytics


If your organization has not started executing a well-designed, well-funded physician alignment program, it cannot compete for the best physicians.

Real physician alignment is difficult to achieve. Success must start at the top. Today’s health system C-suite executives are realizing they have the ability and the responsibility to contribute to physician alignment efforts.

All parts of the health system can, and should, contribute to alignment success. It “takes a village” to keep your physicians happy, and that means just making phone calls and visiting physicians to promote your services is not enough.

To achieve both physician alignment and optimize patient care, you must have a view into physician activity and referrals. Understanding physician behavior provides the basis for more meaningful dialogue with physicians.


Download this eBook to learn how to achieve better physician alignment through the use of data analytics to:


Utilize relevant data-driven
intelligence to conduct
meaningful dialogue with

Identify baseline issues
that negatively impact
physician and patient

Improve referral

Help your institution
achieve its revenue goals