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A Patient-Centric Approach to Addressing Fragmentation in Healthcare

It has been said that our healthcare system is broken; that it is not patient-centric, and in order to promote population health and reduce hospital re-admissions, it must be. With the help of dedicated healthcare professionals, great strides have been made in recent years, to include the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR), which supplied the backbone for many delivery and payment models designed to replace a fragmented healthcare system with one based on value and coordinated care.

However, there is still a gap, as EHRs are not truly patient-centric. An EHR delivers a great profile of an individual’s medical status, but does not provide any insight into the person. Since a patient is more than just a collection of aliments, patient-centric care must encompass both information about medical status, and insights into the individual.

This whitepaper will explore:

  • How hospital marketing, business development, and strategy teams can utilize an enterprise engagement platform to deliver value-based care that is truly patient-centric
  • How to fully utilize consumer data
  • Importance of leveraging your PRM

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