Creating Extended 360° Patient and Physician Views with Big Data Analytics

Discover how Extended 360° patient and physician views grow revenue and improve patient and physician engagement


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Hospitals and health systems have some of the most complex and contextually rich data sets of any industry. However, these institutions struggle to optimize the power of big data to execute and deliver a more patient-centric approach to care.

Gone are the days when merely capturing data in one place was good enough for service lines and departments to make decisions. To stay relevant and competitive, health systems require the power of X-360° patient and physician views.

If you work for a health system as the Chief Information Officer, Chief Medical Information Officer, or Vice President of Analytics or Clinical Informatics, you will want to read this eBook.


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What are “Extended 360°
Views” (X-360°)?

Why do we need X-360°
views of patients and

How do X-360° views power
drive revenue, reduce physician
leakage, and enable
proactive care engagement?
What are the first steps to
getting started?

How are other health
systems leveraging an
X-360° approach?