What is a Patient Engagement Center?

Patient Engagement Center Definition

A patient engagement center is an optimized call center that integrates with behavioral and historical marketing data to provide a 360-degree view of the caller. A patient engagement center taps into opportunities to deliver personalized communication and promote proactive population health.

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Benefits of a Patient Engagement Center

  • Deliver real-time personalized service to customers and patients.

  • Foster relationships with customers and patients through personalized interactions and relevant content, increasing patient loyalty.

  • Gain visibility into callers’ previous exchanges with the health system and reduce redundant outreach callers receive.

  • Drive proactive health initiatives by identifying callers who fit into audience segments and adding them to appropriate marketing campaigns.

  • Aid patients in getting referrals, enrolling in events, securing convenient appointments, and responding to other marketing outreach.

  • Handle all non-clinical patient inquiries on a single call, through one educated agent.

Common Patient Engagement Center Questions

  • What Technology is Required to Create a Patient Engagement Center?

    At its core, a patient engagement center relies on having access to a centralized set of data, such as demographics, psychographics, social, behavioral, clinical, financial. This requires your call center technology to be integrated either with each system that contains that information, or through a single solution that already houses it: The Healthcare CRM. A healthcare CRM already has a process for bringing in multiple data sources to create a comprehensive view into patient habits and activities. With this data readily available to call center representatives, they are able to create a more personal dialogue with the customer or patient.

    Additionally, patient engagement centers can be an additional source of data for the CRM, such as responses from marketing campaigns. Customer and patient information gleaned through patient engagement center interactions can added to the CRM data, helping to inform future marketing communications. The engagement center and the CRM must work in tandem to drive improved health outcomes for patients.

  • How is a Patient Engagement Center Different from a Traditional Call Center?

    The goal of traditional call centers was to keep response times low and calls per hour high, which often means impersonal interactions. While traditional call centers serve their purpose of answering caller questions, they oftentimes fail to positively impact callers’ perception of the health system and its providers, or to broaden callers’ awareness of other relevant, beneficial services. In fact, a single caller not only would likely be transferred at least one time to a person specialized to handle their specific question, they might also have received multiple outbound calls from the call center for different reminders, rather than having all of those cases resolved on a single call. This is due to the decentralized nature of the systems that run a traditional call center.

    In contrast, patient engagement centers capitalize on engagement opportunities. As healthcare shifts toward a more value/relationship care approach, call centers need to adapt to foster deeper relationships between customers and the health system. Thus, patient engagement centers provide callers with personalized service that complements other touchpoints, including digital marketing efforts such as email outreach, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.

  • What is the ROI of Implementing a Patient Engagement Center?

    Patient engagement centers show tremendous return on investment (ROI) in a relatively short period of time. To demonstrate this, let’s look at an example:

    A large health system in the southeastern United States replaced their traditional call center with a patient engagement center. In just over one year, they found that the patient engagement center generated:

    – $17 million increase in gross revenue

    – Double digit increase in conversions

    – 5-6x increase in call center agent productivity

    – 60,000 new leads

    – 500% ROI

    The enormous growth this health system found using a patient engagement center demonstrates the economic value of this type of solution.