Evariant Unveils Healthcare’s Only Patients for Life Platform™

Enhanced actionable intelligence and expert capabilities that empowers healthcare marketers to find, guide and keep patients for life

Salt Lake City, UT—April 30, 2018—Evariant unveiled today healthcare’s only Patients for Life Platform™ with new solution enhancements that better enable healthcare providers to optimize growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention. As the battle for the healthcare consumer intensifies, providers must find ways to drive high-value service line growth, extend patient lifetime value, and improve network utilization and planning. Evariant is on the forefront of innovation delivering new enhanced actionable intelligence and expert capabilities that empower healthcare marketers to find, guide and keep patients for life.

“We are doubling down on enabling healthcare marketers to achieve and quantify indisputable value, clearly transforming traditional marketing investment from a cost center to a high-yielding growth machine. Acquiring and retaining patients, by leveraging marketing assets to drive patient engagement, is a C-Suite strategic opportunity.  One customer CEO recently asked us and his team, ‘How quickly can we scale five-fold their marketing investment?’ when presented with initial ROI and favorable payer mix and revenue results from their new marketing initiatives with Evariant” said Evariant CEO Clay Ritchey. “It’s validation we’re building solutions that drive high-value service line growth and extend patient lifetime value.”

Evariant customer performance highlights how smarter patient acquisition and retention strategies, when backed by industry-leading actionable intelligence, are a true differentiator for health systems.

“When we started with Evariant it brought a new awareness of marketing’s role within the organization. With new insights into marketing strategy and physician outreach, the conversation changed. We’ve been able to grow the marketing department and seen double digit budget increases due to the ability to prove marketing is driving high-value service line growth,” explains Cynthia Schmidt, Chief of Marketing at VCU Health. “Now, not only is marketing being held accountable to show ROI, we are holding other departments accountable as well.”

New enhancements and offerings to the Evariant Patients for Life Platform™ focus on helping teams drive high-value service line growth, extend patient lifetime value, and improve provider network utilization and planning. Enhancements announced today include:

  • Marketing Performance Intelligence: Precision marketing is made possible only through a robust understanding of what’s working in the marketing mix. New performance reporting capabilities provide one click access to executive dashboarding that show revenue generated by service line, marketing ROI, payer mix, and net-new patients acquired versus retained. Based on health system standards, users have the flexibility to calculate ROI based on direct- or contribution-margin, total payments or charges, or expected reimbursement. All while also understanding the performance down to the campaign tactic level, helping marketers execute precision marketing, and ongoing continuous improvement.
  • Multi-Channel End to End Precision Marketing Agency: Campaigns perform best when they engage consumers and patients in multiple ways. The Evariant Campaign Center, powered by the Evariant Patients for Life actionable intelligence platform, now offers multi-channel precision marketing planning and execution including direct mail, digital, patient nurturing and call center outsourcing for an optimized lead-to-patient conversion.
  • Call Center Outsourcing: With the Evariant call center outsourcing solution, customers are doubling their conversion rates from qualified marketing lead to scheduled appointment. Our call center outsourcing delivers an integrated patient experience where everyone knows that patient. It enables a massive shift from reactive response to proactive outreach that drives high-value service line growth, improves provider network utilization and planning, and extends patient lifetime value.
  • Health Risk Assessments: Evariant customers can now easily integrate health risk assessments into their go-to-market strategy to acquire the right patients and retain existing patients.
  • Everything Integration: Evariant now offers ‘everything integration’ that makes it easier to do real-time scheduling, ingest client data (e.g., patient demographic and clinical information) in any number of formats and frequencies, and bi-directional synchronization with coordinating technologies, including content management systems, marketing automation tools and patient portals.

Evariant is showcasing new functionality as well as spotlighting client stories this week (April 30-May 2, 2018) at the 23rd annual Healthcare Marketers and Physician Strategy Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. Stop by the Evariant booth (#40) to see our solutions in action.

For more on marketing performance reporting, sign up for the Measuring Marketing’s Real-Time Impact on Net Patient Revenue webinar hosted by Evariant on May 10, 2018 at 2pm ET.

About Evariant
Evariant, healthcare’s only Patients for Life Platform™, enables providers to optimize growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention. Our customers achieve indisputable value through high-value service line growth, improving provider network utilization and planning, and extending patient lifetime value. Our solutions deliver actionable intelligence that enable healthcare providers to find, guide and keep patients for life. Evariant is the trusted advisor to leading healthcare systems representing over 1,000 hospitals nationwide. For more information, visit evariant.com.